When you’re out in the field, a high-quality repair kit is an essential item. Don’t let broken gear or failing equipment prevent you from accomplishing your mission. Be prepared with the Field FixKit by McNett® Tactical. With this specialized fix-it kit, you can repair gear, sew clothing or modify existing equipment on-the-fly. The compact kit easily stuffs into packs, pockets or rucks without compromising space or weight and features a Coyote storage case with quiet zippers.

The next time you need to make a repair or modification, unleash your inner MacGyver with the Field Fix Kit by McNett® Tactical.


    • Tactical Fix It Kit
    • Sew Clothing and Repair Gear, Boots and Footwear
    • Contains Sewing Kit With High-Quality Threads and Needles
    • Contains Replacement Buckle Parts
    • Contains Gear Repair Products
    • Designed for Military Use
    • Compact and Lightweight Field Kit
    • Ideal for Emergency or Survival Scenarios
    • Packaged in Coyote Mesh Storage Bag
    • Repair Manual Included
    • Made in USA

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