On Duty


Combat proven, the new Under-Armour Shirt has been designed to maximise comfort when wearing body armour.

The design brief for this garment was to minimise the effects of heat build-up, maximise wicking ability and remain comfortable against the skin for long periods of time.

Design features: 

* Torso - Moisture wicking and quick drying 100% Australian Merino Wool is the ideal material of choice for the torso area. Proven through many years of trials and combat testing, the lightweight Merino Wool used by Missionpac provides stretch where it's needed, and is breatheable and odour resistant, a welcome feature when the Under-Armour Shirt is worn day in and day out. Missionpac wool is of the highest quality standard and exhibits an exceptional comfort factor, while remaining non-itch. The garment cut is a snug fit around the torso to ensure that there is no bunching of the fabric under body armour. As a natural fibre Merino Wool has inherent low-melt/stick properties, and is machine washable for easy care. 

* Torso Sides and Underarm - Unique to Missionpac, a Merino Wool mesh fabric is utilised on the sides of the torso, and under the armpit. This provides unequalled ventilation and airflow, reducing heat build-up.

*Arms and Shoulders - 100% Rip-Stop Cotton is used in the arms and shoulders. This fabric is very lightweight and highly breatheable, whilst remaining strong and durable. Rip-Stop cotton is very comfortable in a variety of environments. Each arm features a large bellows pocket (vertical zip closure) with velcro on the outside for ANF and unit patches. The cuffs are adjustable with velcro, and the elbows are reinforced.

Made in Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is an overrun of a special production order, and does not include integrated elbow pads.

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