Get a boot quote

If you are eligible for medically prescribed footwear, you can use an On Duty quote to seek approval for purchase and payment.

First, choose your footwear here

Pick the size / colour you want, and click on the "Create a boot quote" button.

Enter your information, then you can choose to print your quote, or have it emailed to you.

Submit this quote to your chief medical officer at your Regimental Aid Post (RAP). If the purchase is approved you will be issued with an approval. An approval will include and Entitled Person Number (EP number) and a Defence Approval Number (DAN).

Fax or email your approval paperwork (including EP and DA numbers) and original quote to either;

02 9731 1669

Alternatively you can drop it in to one of the On Duty stores. Once approval is received the entitled person may take or be sent their approved boots. Please note On Duty requires sufficient time to draw an appropriate invoice and finalise paper work before boots may be issued.

On Duty will strive to ensure that there is always sufficient stock of boots to fill all medically prescribed footwear orders. In some cases the entitled persons may need to wait until stock arrives for orders to be filled. When possible On Duty will advise on any waiting times on particular boots when quoting.