Hydroxyburn Pro Diet post workout recovery and diet formula.

Are you looking to be a healthier, leaner and fitter version of yourself? HydroxyBurn Pro Diet has been formulated to help you get there. This research driven formula contains a proprietary blend of high quality proteins, with added Glycine, BCAA’s, L-Carnitine and Green tea plus vitamin and minerals to help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and aid recovery. High in protein but low in fat and calories, it can be taken daily to help get you lean and ripped.

Whether you looking to build muscle or shed fat, you need protein. Frequent ingestion of high quality protein sources throughout the day is important for the maintenance of  lean muscle mass (4). This is of obvious benefit to those wanting to build muscle, but it is also useful for those looking to get in shape. Let’s remember that for anyone looking to shed those extra kilos, it’s fat that you want to lose. If you lose muscle mass during energy restrictions your metabolic rate will drop, making it increasingly difficult to lose the desired body fat. Lean muscle tissue burns calories and helps ensure your metabolic rate remains high. So to reach your weight loss goals you need to maintain an adequate protein intake while simultaneously restricting your calorie intake and exercising. HydroxyBurn Pro Diet is a great inclusion in any weight loss plan as it delivers 20g of protein per serve but is low in fat and calories.  


Lean Protein Facts

HydroxyBurn Pro Diet formula to lose fat and improve lean muscle:

  • Aid weight loss
  • Aid fat metabolism
  • Aid post workout recovery
  • Increase Satiety
  • Improve Nutrient Absorption
  • Superior Quality Protein

HydroxyBurn Pro Diet Protein provides all the benefits of a blend of quality proteins in a high protein, low carbohydrate formula. The quality of the protein blend is second to none. HydroxyBurn Pro Diet uses a specific Proprietary Milk Protein Blend that includes Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate with a quality and unique Plant Protein Blend that includes Soy Protein Isolate and Organic Brown Rice Protein.

Increased protein intake has some profound effects on muscle, fat and dietary habits. Numerous scientific studies have seen increases in daily protein intakes improve and maintain lean muscle mass whilst reducing body fat. Providing adequate amounts of carbohydrates in meals that are high in fibre with a serve of quality low fat protein has shown to assist in feeling full (satiety). This resulted in fewer calories eaten in the subsequent meal, thereby reducing overall daily caloric intake and reducing fat weight.

The combination of resistance training with quality protein has also seen great improvements in body composition.

For those individuals who are concerned with total caloric intake and excessive carbohydrates, HydroxyBurn Pro Diet protein provides the key components for recovery without additional energy. Fat tracking fat loss has been assisted with diets that are lower in carbohydrates. Athletes such as runners, swimmers, surfers, yoga/Pilates, everyday fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders/figure shapers have all successfully reduced fat levels by the use of manipulating daily carbohydrate intakes. There has been recent literature showing that training on some days in a state of lower carbohydrates (~4 grams per kilogram of body weight) may improve body composition and endurance performance. Obviously this means that protein intakes would increase during these days.

HydroxyBurn Pro Clinical provides the specific protein blend that you need to recover as efficiently as possible after your workouts, or added to your morning breakfast smoothie or cereal to increase your satiety and energy levels. Because HydroxyBurn Pro Diet has been designed as a specific time release formula, it means that you get the benefits of an immediate release of nutrients that will help you boost your energy levels and metabolism followed by balancing sugar levels and controlling your appetite.

We care about your overall health and well being not just your immediate fitness goals, that’s why HydroxyBurn Pro Diet contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and includes a vitalizing dose of vitamins and minerals. Ensure you provide your body with a balance exercise, appropriate dietary strategies and rest to optimize changes in you body composition.

Product Ingredient Highlights:

Protein: Proteins can be broadly classified as either fast or slow depending on how quickly they are absorbed (Boirie, 1997). Prior to and immediately following exercise it may be beneficial to ingest protein sources that are rapidly absorbed and provide the muscle with amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis. However, a slow protein source may be beneficial to ensure the maintenance of blood amino acids in the hours after exercise and promote an anti-catabolic environment.

L-Carnitine: Carnitine L-Tartrate (BSc L-Carnitine) is an amino acid-like nutrient naturally found in the human body, mainly stored in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Extensive research by scientist has lead to the discovery that additional supplementation with L-Carnitine can aid in humans in significant weight loss and increased energy levels. Studies suggest this compound may aid in body fat loss by increasing the body’s metabolism and by converting stored fat into usable energy. Moreover, it also enhances exercise performance, resulting in an energy boost and added vitality.

Green Tea: Because green tea is harvested at an early age it has a rich nutrient and antioxidant profile helping to boost many facets of immune health including cardiovascular and weight loss support. Studies have found that after consuming a green tea extract, subjects experienced a 17% increase in lipid oxidation (Venables et al, 2008) and 4% total energy expenditure (Dulloo et al, 1999) compared to those receiving a placebo.

Calcium + Vitamin D: Real fat burning ingredients that works real fast. New research has shown that by including both Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet can increase the amount of fat burned by the body (Zhu, W et al. Nutrition Journal, 2013).

Vitamins + Minerals: Vitamins and Minerals are required for the body as essential nutrients for daily functions. They are important to keep the body healthy and providing it with balanced health status.

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