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Tactical iPad Case


Tactical IPAD Protector Case

The Tactical iPad Protection Case was designed to not only protect your IPAD but to also store, protect and give easy access to any maps, reference material or notes you may need while out doing your job.

  • Works with all versions of IPad, that is IPAD 2, 3 or 4.
  • The IPAD case is made using Military Grade 1000 denier cordura nylon.
  • This IPAD case is  padded with 1/4" of close cell foam throughout for extra shock resistance in case you drop your IPAD.
  • Field tested and proven.
  • Not only will it protect and store your IPAD but it also provides easy access to all other documents such as Maps or SOPS you may need in a hurry.
  • Each IPad protector is made by one of our  highly experienced seamstresses here in Canada.

This IPad Protector works as an extremely rugged, functional and well padded outdoor carrying case for your  Personal Computing Device. Mostly used as an iPad case but any device that is 10" x 7" in size or smaller will fit quite nicely.There are simply so many features that have been designed into this case, that you will need to go to the "Details" tab to read an inch by inch description.

Made in Canada.


Weight of Cover - 400g (without iPad)

Front of Case - Large pocket located underneath the pocket flap has pleated loops to hold pens and markers securely. Pocket flap has a quick view map envelope incorporated below the flap itself. Great for quick viewing of important information like maps without having to go into your case. Pocket flap also has a zippered hidden pocket to hold small tools, cell phone etc. Large velcro area on top of pocket flap for badges, crests, nametapes etc.

Interior of Case - On left side there are 10 Vinyl Envelope Checklists that hold paper that is 4" x 8" in size. The checklists are held in place by velcro that is removable and or replaceable if damaged. The checklists are an amazing way to access information quickly. By simply flipping the pages you can view maps and occupation essential checklist notes. For example, aircrew personnel have a variety of checklists they need on the job.

- In addition, there are 2 pockets underneath the checklists for further storage of extra paperwork.

- On the right side is a 10" x 7" area for placement of your device. Sticky backed adhesive velcro is included so you can adhere it to your device.

Rear of Case - One of the most amazing features of this case is the zippered open, 12" x 9", Vinyl Map Case that has been designed into the rear of the case. The Map Case also acts as a full length pocket with a secure velcroed flap to keep it's contents safe.

Overall - The case is padded with 1/4" of close cell foam throughout for extra shock resistance. 

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