Type: Mattress

Such is the quality and robustness of Multimat’s products that we have for many years been the supplier of camping mats to the armed forces of several countries.

This is the British Army sleeping mat, designed specifically to meet their requirements of toughness and comfort in unsupported expeditions around the world, from the frozen poles to the hottest deserts.

At 10mm thick it is a substantial mat but it is also an XXL foam army mat, measuring four inches longer and four inches wider than a standard full-sized mat.

The British Army sleeping mat has been carefully constructed from top quality materials and meets NATO’s requirements too.

If you’re looking for something, tough, reliable and comfortable you should consider this XXL foam army mat.

Range Expedition
Type Foam
Code CM-EA5M010XXL
Size 1900 x 600 x 10mm (XXL)
Weight 550g
Season Rating 5
Tog Value 2.6*
Compactness 600 x 170mm
Colour MoD
  • As supplied to the British Army
  • Meets the requirements of NATO stock No. 8465-99-130-5904
  • Manufactured from premium-quality polyolefin foam
  • Eyelets and lightweight attached webbing


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