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Category: Glutamine, Protein

Type: Nutrition

  • Ultimate Mass Gaining Formula
  • Build Muscle
  • Bulking Proteins
  • Good Calories
  • Contains Creatine
  • Support Recovery

NitroBULK is the perfect supplement for individuals looking to gain weight and muscle mass. It provides a synergist blend of fast proteins to stimulate protein synthesis, slow proteins to maintain a anti-catabolic environment post exercise, carbohydrates to enhance recovery, plus BCAA’s, Glutamine and Creatine to enhance muscle building, strength and mass gains.

Gaining weight or muscle mass can be difficult for many individuals. Weight gain is important for those individuals who are naturally skinny and want to look bigger, but weight gains can also offer protective benefits for athletes involved in contact sport (2). Therefore, gaining weight is a common goal for many individuals, and NitroBULK provides you with a quality calorie source to help you do this effectively.


Lean Muscle Gaining Facts

Quality Calories

Immediate and Slow Release Proteins

Superior Quality Protein Blend

Recover Faster

Support Immune Health

Support Lean Muscle development

Enhance gains in Strength

Improve nutrient absorption

Carbohydrates, Protein and Glutamine to promote growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Proteins can be broadly classified as either "fast" or "slow" depending on their rate of absorption into the blood stream (1). Fast proteins are rapidly absorbed into the body and provide muscles with amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis. On the other hand, slow proteins maintain blood amino acids levels in the hours following exercise and promote an anti- catabolic environment. Both types of proteins are important for muscle building and NitroBULK’s precise balance of both fat and slow proteins provides the nutritional support you need to get the gains you are seeking.

Research suggests that the consumption of carbohydrates, in combination with protein, post workout can enhance the recovery process. NitroBULK provides quality carbohydrates to aid your recovery so you can train again sooner, plus provide the energy your body needs to gain mass. But NitroBULK is not just a simple protein and carbohydrate blend, it also contains Creatine, Glutamine and BCAA’s to further optimize and enhance your muscle, strength and size gains.

Each serve of NitroBULK contains 3000mg of Creatine. Numerous studies have reported that, when combined with a resistance training program, Creatine can enhance the gains in muscle mass to a degree that is significantly greater than would be associated with training alone  (3, 4).

This is likely attributed to a combination of factors including:

1. Cell volumisation - Creatine causes the water inside the muscle cell (intracellular fluid) to increase, which causes the cell to swell (4). This is believed to be an anabolic signal, which may promote protein synthesis (5). Cell volumisation can be indirectly detected by an increase in muscle cross sectional area within a matter a days after beginning creatine supplementation (6).  This may be subjectively felt as a "tightness" or "pump" in the muscle by many users.

2. Enhanced Training Capacity - Creatine enhances the resynthesis of the cells energy source, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This can allow a higher training intensity to be maintained which may ultimately lead to a greater stimulus for muscle growth (3).

Creatine can be of benefit to people of any age wishing to increase their strength and lean mass. In a recent study Creatine was shown to enhance lean tissue mass, leg strength and endurance during a 12-week resistance training study in men averaging 70 years of age (7). Given that the aging process can be associated with a loss in muscle mass and strength (8), Creatine combined with a strength training program appears to be a promising combination for aging individuals.

Glutamine is an amino acid found in high levels in the body, mainly in skeletal muscle (13). The functions of Glutamine in the body include acid-base balance, nitrogen supply and protein synthesis. Glutamine is commonly used to as an ergogenic aid for exercise performance enhancement. It is used to improve muscle function, decrease fatigue and improve recovery in athletes participating in strenuous activity (14).

The essential branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) leucine, isoleucine, and valine make up one third of muscle protein in the body (1). BCAA’s help prevent muscle protein breakdown during exercise (9, 10).   BCAAs provide nutritional support for muscle building and studies have shown that BCAA supplementation may aid muscle recovery (11, 12)

Used as directed NitroBULK can help you gain weight and mass. It contains a perfect blend of fast and slow proteins, quality carbohydrates, plus Creatine, Glutamine and BCAA’s to help you gain mass as well as enhance muscle building, strength and recovery. Plus, it is quick and easy to use and tastes delicious. It can be used after training to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to build muscle plus recover, or use it as an in-between meal snack on your non-training days. NitroBULK can be mixed with water, or mix it with milk to add even more calories. Our recommended daily intake is 1 x 60g serve.

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