Reporters Field Notebook Case

Finally, a functional Reporters Notebook case designed specifically for taking notes outdoors in the elements. This case has been constructed using Mil. Spec. Materials and will keep your notes dry, organized and DIRT FREE.

Attached to the inside top of the Reporters Memo Book are 10 Vinyl Checklist Envelopes which are used to store quick reference items like proceedural notes, maps and reminders. 

Designed to fit any 4" x 8" Memo Pad that flips open from the top. For a panel by panel detailed description, please go to the "Details" tab

The Reporters Notebook Case can be purchased with or without the optional Memo Pad shown in the images. Regular 4" x 8" Paper Pads are readily available from Office Supply stores.


Front of Case - Large pocket flap holds pens and markers securely in place. Pen pockets under flap are pleated allowing for storage of small to wide sized marking pens. Large velcro patch on front for Nametapes.

Interior of Case - Zippered top open design. Attached to inside top are 10 Vinyl Envelope Checklists (3" x 5"). The Checklists are removable and replaceable. Some customers purchase the Checklists separately so that they can take interchange them depending on the job. There is also a small pocket beneath the Checklists to store business card sized items.

Rear of Case - Large zippered 4" x 7" pocket on the reverse for holding small items that you don't want to fall out. 

Overall -  Dimensions 5.25 x 9" closed and 5.25" x 18" when open flat.

Made with Mil Spec Materials by Tactical Notebook Covers in Canada.

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