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SCAR Breton Mk 2

Category: Field Packs

Type: Backpacks

SCAR Breton MK.2

100% ‘Made in the USA’ with Milspec 500D Cordura and ITW hardware, the  MK2 comes with a broad range of utility pouches and features making it the first choice pack for your mission. Based off the classic ALICE pack design, the Breton has been built specifically for the Australian war fighter.

The internal sleeping compartment is accessed with a zipper at the bottom of the pack with enough room for a bivi and medium winter weight sleeping bag. The lid comes with an extra large claymore pouch and admin compartment.

We chose to work with Downeast Inc and used their strap and pad set designed specifically to fit the famous 1606 composite frame. The straps come in two styles, the Deluxe and the Body Armour Compatible (BAC). The deluxe strap fits most operators while the BAC gives an additional setting to bring the strap away from the pack to better fit over additional armour and barrel chested warriors


  • 94L Alice style field pack
  • Weight 3.6kg
  • 500D official Multicam Cordura
  • Multicam embroidered molle
  • Four medium utility pouchs 13cm x 18cm (fits 2L South African bottle or ration pack)
  • Two large utility pouch 19cm x 15cm
  • Two Hydration pouch 32cm x 15cm
  • Internal Radio pouch
  • Two Internal hydration pockets
  • YKK zippers, ITW buckles and fasteners
  • 100% ‘Made in the USA’ and Berry Compliant
  • Currently used by SOF, Clearance Divers, RAR Infantry and Law Enforcement.

Why Breton?

"The Breton is a breed of military draft horse from Brittany. Characteristically the Breton is chestnut in colour, with a strong and muscular build.Traditionally, the Breton has been used in military, draft and agricultural capacities. It also has been used to improve and create many other draft breeds, and to produce mules."

Like it's military draft horse namesake, the Scar Breton will do the heavy lifting for you.  

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