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Tomahawk BFT01-G

Category: Knives, Tomahawks, Tools

Type: Tool


Our BFT01-G tactical tomahawk is designed for a multitude of applications dependent on situational requirements and is ready for the extreme end of Hardcore use as an impact/MOE/CQB tool. The primary cutting head is razor sharp and the spike at the business end of things has a modified Tanto point specifically designed for maximum penetration. Its pommel has a chisel point designed for prying.


Some of the tasks we expect you'll use our BFT01-G for include: chopping, hammering, digging, cutting, as a climbing aid, for defeating locks, smashing windows & windscreens and raking out their frames, puncturing steel radial tyres, smashing steel clad doors and breaking through walls including those made of brick.


The BFT01-G is constructed from D2 tool steel, has a robust Teflon coating and G10 contoured handle. Our G10 grip scales are secured with Torx screw, all steel fittings.




Code: BFT01-G

Type: Tomahawk

Point: Penetrator Spike

Steel: D2

Finish: Teflon

Length: 469mm

Head Width: 88mm

Spike Width: 14mm

Thickness: 8mm

Weight: 1150gm

Handle: G10




1x Speed scabbard - Kydex® Mould

Attachment: TeK-Lok®, Molle-Lok®

Blade Retention: Press Stud release strap



Hardcore Hardware overt carry systems are designed to integrate specifically with most popular assault platforms. We only use MILSPEC fittings and materials in the manufacture of the BFT01-G Kydex® molded, speed scabbard. It is designed for operators who require a carry option in a quick release platform. The BFT01-G is supplied with Blade-Tec®, TeK-Lok® & Molle-Lok®attachment systems to mount securely in any left/right hand configuration. An adjustable quick release strap with press-stud securely fastens the BFT01-G in its sheath.

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