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Category: Eye masks

Type: Accessories

When sleep is hard to come by, you can't perform at your best. With the Z-Mask™ Contoured Eye Mask by McNett®Tactical, you can fall asleep fast and get the deep, REM sleep that leads to improved health, faster reaction time and a better day for everyone. Z-Mask™ patented, form-fitting design will effectively block light - without pressing on your eyes. This sleep mask is so lightweight and comfortable that you'll forget it's there - until you wake up rested and ready for whatever the day has in store.


  • Patented Eye Mask Allows for R.E.M. Sleep
  • Better Sleep Anytime
  • Comfortable, Form-Fitting Foam Design
  • Compact and Lightweight Sleep Mask
  • One Size Fits All
  • Quick Release, Adjustable Band
  • ID Marking Area

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